DeeVerso is the pronunciation of “diverso”, the word derived from the Latin idiom “diversus” which means “different”.

High-tech/innovative Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises which want cost effectively develop their business in new markets or in markets where the business size doesn’t justify a branch office: they come to us to increase sales differently. We primarily operate in UK, Europe, UAE, CIS regions and some countries in Africa.

Where we are effective:

Selling to IT companies, Telcos, System Integrators and Content Service Providers, looking for innovative solutions to extend their portfolio, building local partnerships with them and facilitating the identification of the right solutions for their market.


Selling to Large Enterprises and PAs that are innovating and/or optimizing their business through a Digital Transformation program, to deliver to their audience new cutting edge solutions.


Helping Venture Capitals with their Startups portfolio, to achieve their sales plans with effective sales activities.

… and

Whenever it’s necessary a very large globalBusiness Network to get in touch with the right industry lobbyists and key players.